Substitute for oil and natural gas: Tüv relies on green hydrogen

Hydrogen could drive even more cars in the future.

Hydrogen could drive even more cars in the future.

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Tüv Süd and gas network operator OGE rely on green hydrogen as a CO2-free substitute for oil, natural gas and coal. Hydrogen could become a key source of energy for industry, as well as for millions of heating systems and vehicles, said OGE boss Jörg Bergmann said on Tuesday at a video conference. With the Tüv Süd and the management consultancy Horvath, the network operator founded the joint venture Evety in Essen as “the leading consultancy for hydrogen”.

Evety boss Klaus Altfeld said that with increasing CO2 taxes starting next year, the pressure for industry, energy suppliers, freight forwarders, shipping companies and aviation will increase. “We will approach the industries with the greatest need for action.”

Tüv-Süd manager Reiner Block said that with the federal government’s funding of hydrogen projects, “money is falling from the sky”. Counties in the Munich region, for example, were now wondering how best to implement individual projects and how the industry, heating and mobility sectors could be networked. “Our pooling of skills is unique in the market and will be the key to the hydrogen future for many of our customers,” said Altfeld.

Today, excess wind power is mostly wasted. However, it could split water into hydrogen and oxygen. The synthetic methane produced from the hydrogen could be stored and transported in existing gas lines to industrial areas and large cities without building new power lines, battery parks and pumped storage facilities. The German natural gas storage facilities are already connected to each other by a 500,000 km natural gas network. A gas power plant with stored methane can also be started up immediately and supply electricity if wind and solar systems do not deliver anything.

Bergmann said that electricity only covers 20 percent of Germany’s energy needs. As a substitute for oil, natural gas and coal, green hydrogen is the future opportunity. “In the future we will be transporting more and more green gases – especially hydrogen.”


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