Successful author Pieter Aspe passed away at the age of 68

Author Pieter Aspe, pseudonym for Pierre Aspeslag, passed away on Saturday evening. Flanders thus loses one of its most successful and best-selling writers. He was 68 years old.

“Dear readers and friends of Pieter Aspe, very sad news. Pieter Aspe passed away today after a short illness. We wish his wife Tamara all the strength in dealing with this grief. He will be missed very much. We thank everyone who has supported us in recent times with messages of hope. Now we are taking the time to cherish the memories of Pieter Aspe ”, publisher Aspe NV announced on Saturday.

Health issues

Aspe had been struggling with his health for some time and in 2006 even ended up in hospital after a heart attack. He then quit smoking, but soon reverted to Duvels, also the favorite drink of his main character Commissioner Van In in most of his books.

Last year, Aspe had to be hospitalized again with non-corona-related lung problems. He never fully recovered from those ailments and I would have ended up in the hospital again this time too.

Started his 43rd

Pieter Aspe’s career as an author took a remarkable turn. Only at the age of 43, after the success of The Revenge Square he became a full-time author. Before that he works as a warehouse clerk, salesman, seasonal officer with the maritime police, photographer, master of studies and concierge.

Ultimately, he would publish about fifty books in total. Some of it has been translated and released in countries such as France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Poland, the Czech Republic and the United States.

Aspe on VTM

In front of Atoning sacrifice In 2001 he was awarded the Hercule Poirot Prize and nine years later the same organization awarded his entire oeuvre with the Hercule Poirot Oeuvre Prize.

In 2004 VTM started with the trill series Aspe which would eventually run for ten seasons. Only the first season was based on the writer’s books. Herbert Flack in that program Van In.


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