Suddenly home office: this is how the video conference works

With our tips, the video conference works via Teams, Skype or Facetime and you leave a brilliant impression.

In case you are due to the Corona crisis

work from home
And thereby

Video conferencing tools
need to use, there are a few tips you should follow so that you can leave a brilliant impression in the virtual conferences via Teams, Skype or Facetime. This is especially true for people who are not used to participating in virtual conferences.

Correct appearance:

Dress correctly. So don’t step in front of the camera in a slouchy look. Men should shave, women should apply make-up as usual (if they usually do that too). If you expect the other participants to take part in a video conference in suits and ties or the ladies in costumes, then you should also dress like that.

Women in particular should also note that jewelry can lead to unwanted light reflections. Women who generally wear makeup may need to put on more makeup for web conferencing so that they look exactly the same in front of the camera as they would in a face-to-face encounter. The lords of creation may also need some powder on their skin.

The important thing is to check your appearance with more or less makeup than usual before starting a video conference.

Tidy up the room or use soft focus:

Tidy up your workplace or your apartment, as far as it can be seen during the video conference. Nothing is more embarrassing than your conference partners looking at a mountain of laundry behind you. Or empty beer bottles from the night before.

Some conference tools offer the option of making the background soft. This function is available, for example, with Microsoft Teams. You can use this if you want to prevent your conversation partner from seeing the chaos in your apartment.

Test image quality and impression in advance:

Have a colleague you trust send you a screenshot of the picture you give in a video conference. Ideally with a test run before the actual conference. Then you can identify and remedy the deficiencies in your appearance or in the impression that the space leaves behind you.

Check the functionality of all tools with a dry run before the actual conference. You can also check that your microphone is working well and that you can be understood. If necessary, get a better headset and / or microphone. And a better webcam.

During the video conference:

Do not wiggle back and forth during the video conference; sit still. And control your hands and facial expressions. Make sure that there is constant light in the room so that you do not appear alternately light and dark. Use additional lamps for this.

Make sure that children or pets do not burst into the video conference.

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