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Sugardating 2.0: rich ‘Hans’ gives ‘Gretel’ new breasts and designer bags

Mildred Roethof’s curiosity was aroused when she heard the term ‘Hans pays’ twice in a short time. First without paying attention, in various rap songs, and then in a conversation with a bunch of young people. “Hans pays, they joked. I asked: huh, what is this about? They looked at me in amazement: don’t you know? That Hans turned out to be a kind of sugar daddy 2.0. I wanted to know more about that.”

The result is the new Videoland Original Hans pays for the damage, which gives a glimpse into the world of these Hansen and their Grietjes. Who exactly is this ‘Hans’? And how does it differ from the classic sugar daddy? “A sugar daddy is often an older man who gets along with a young girl and pays her for her services, and that almost always comes down to sex. With a Hans this is not necessarily the case,” explains Roethof.

Hans is a successful guy who likes to go out, for example renting a VIP table in a club and having bottles of champagne brought in to impress the other attendees and his followers on social media. “In the world of Hansen and Grietjes it is all about luxury and money in exchange for attention, company or sex. Hans pays the bill for the ‘Grietjes’.”

According to Roethof, you have those Hansen and Grietjes in all kinds. “You have Hansen who like to give new breasts to a Gretel, regardless of whether she goes into bed with him, you have coarser Hansen who want to have girls and pay for sex, but also Hansen who just like to be seen with a lot of beautiful women and derive status from them. The common denominator is that Hans always pays, and there are many possibilities in return. It’s a kind of game on both sides – how far can I go? “

Party every day

Kristan belongs to the latter category. Or rather: belonged. Because even though Kristan is still young (26 years old), the years as ‘Hans’ are already five years behind him. When he was 18 years old, he and his friends gambled on live football matches and through ‘a smart strategy’ they made tons of money. “At that time we went all out. It was a party every day. In addition, we partyed all summer in Ibiza where we rented a yacht every day for 12 thousand euros and reserved a table in the evening where we had champagne all evening. Then the beautiful women will come to you “, laughs Kristan.

Kristan never offered new lips, breasts or expensive designer bags to a ‘Gretel’ in his time as ‘Hans’. “Of course I saw that happening around me a lot, but it wasn’t really my thing. I just enjoyed the much attention, the many women with whom things never really got serious and the many expensive parties.”

When the tax authorities arrived and wanted to see ‘an enormous amount’ in gambling tax, Kristan’s life as ‘Hans’ was over. It was then that he also met his current girlfriend Dina, with whom he now runs a thriving business in Dubai. “She is very different from all those Grietjes. She is very independent, a very hard worker, she can pay for everything herself.”

The documentary follows young men and women who are active in this scene, such as Marianna (21). She says she has dated five ‘Hansen’, but not because she wanted something in return. She did get a pair of Jimmy Choos from one of them, and even a Rolex, she says. “But I gave it back when things didn’t work out between us. I didn’t want to keep walking around with a memento of him.”

She says she is not a ‘Gretel’ that allows herself to be feasted at all. “I have three businesses and work super hard for my money, so I can afford my own Louis Vuitton bag just fine. I would never take anything from a guy who isn’t my boyfriend and never do anything with a guy for money. not necessarily looking for a Hans. “

Women never pay

That doesn’t stop Hansen from trying it on her. “I often get bold requests to go on vacation,” she says. “Once I worked for a client at a trade fair as a hostess and then a man offered me 50,000 euros to come to Kazakhstan. I was really amazed.”

Money is not important to her, but a certain ambition is. “He really doesn’t have to be a millionaire, but I like it when a man can at least take care of himself and his family. An ex of mine lost his job and spent all day playing games while I paid everything; then I learned that that’s not what I want. I want to continue to feel like a woman. I think a man should be able to take care of a woman, I am that traditional. “

Marianna is in an environment full of ‘Hansen’. Her friends are wealthy men who like to spread the word and never make women pay. “As a result, I often end up on a yacht, or in luxury restaurants. If I offer to pay, they wave it away. Somewhere, of course, it is also a compliment that those men appreciate you as a woman.”

The fact that men with money surround themselves with beautiful women and then do not look at a euro is nothing new. But through social media, the phenomenon has become more visible and bigger. According to both Marianna and Roethof, there are now more boys and girls who aspire to this lifestyle. “The urge for luxury, money and appearance is growing,” says Roethof. “Everyone wants to show off on Instagram. To show that you are successful, you have to show what you have.”

Also new is that the Hansen and Grietjes now know how to find each other through the same social media – by sliding in their ‘DM’, as they describe it themselves. “Via Instagram and Snapchat, young women receive messages from complete strangers like ‘if you want to go out with me, I’ll give you new breasts’, or ‘come to Dubai for a weekend,’ says Roethof. “I’m not saying it happens on a large scale, but it does. And that goes quite far, I was surprised.”

Who Uses Who?

Ex-Hans Kristan and his girlfriend Dina, who have been living full-time in Dubai for six months, do see the Hansen and Grietjes frolicking around in their new hometown on a large scale. “Everywhere you look you see – admittedly – very beautiful women with the most expensive dresses and shoes that are literally waiting for the rich men.”

In the documentary, Roethof raises the question of who actually uses whom in the world of Hansen and Grietjes. “It’s a game. Men sprinkle money and think: maybe there is something in it with one of those girls. The ladies think: there are so many men here in the club who offer me champagne, why should I have to pull out my wallet tonight? They both benefit from it.

The documentary ‘Hans Betaalt de Schade’ can now be seen on Videoland.


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