Summary proceedings catering | Childcare is discontinued | And the McPlant makes its appearance

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They are not amused, at Koninklijke Horeca Nederland. Nightclubs and discotheques had to remain closed until November 1. Now it seems that the caretaker cabinet has come up with something else. Fortunately for the trade association, they had already instituted summary proceedings.

If you want to clap a responsible burger tonight, drive past the Mac. A year after its announcement, the McPlant made its appearance at the Dutch branches. Made with meat substitute Beyond Meat – but for the time being without a vegetarian or vegan quality mark.

A pay rise, but no end to the workload. The FNV union does not agree with collective labor agreements that employers in childcare have made with another union. The strike day before that on July 8 did not yield the desired result, which is why there are again campaigns on the Malieveld.

Two call center employees of the GGD hear whether they should go to jail for illegal data trade. The two are suspected of having traded personal data from the two corona systems of the GGD. This included private data of John van den Heuvel.

Would this be the very last? Tonight, outgoing Prime Minister Rutte and care minister De Jonge will once again speak to the press and the country about easing the corona measures. And as it goes, as far as those relaxations are concerned, everything necessary has been leaked.

This piece was the most shared yesterday:
No, it is not a provocative press release, Rabobank writes. The hard truth is that house prices are rising even faster than expected this year.

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More drilling under the Wadden Sea? The Waddenvereniging does not like the plans, but outgoing minister Blok waves their objections away (and here’s why).

And you may have missed this last night:
Taxi app Uber must hire its drivers. The judge has determined this in a case brought by the trade union FNV. Uber wanted the drivers to remain self-employed, but according to the judge they fall under the collective labor agreement for taxi transport.

This could come along at the coffee machine:

  • Buying a house after a note in the bus, there are also disadvantages.
  • Are Stradivari’s violins the best ever, or is there just fantastic marketing behind it?
  • The new Nintendo Switch is coming and so the current version is nicely reduced in price.
  • The catering entrepreneurs in Flanders are also not eager for the corona pass.
  • Hate voice messages? Good news: WhatsApp is going to unsubscribe them for you.

Good day!

ps This column about whether or not to take vaccine doubters into account is still relevant.

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