Summer vacation in Mallorca? World president has another tip

  • It looks surprisingly good for German vacationers. In summer, even Italy and Spain could welcome tourists again.
  • But now World Medical President Frank Ulrich Montgomery warns. He told the newspapers of the Funke media group: “For health reasons, it would be best if people stayed at their home.”
  • He finds it critical that more and more countries have opened their borders again. “The government acts here solely for economic reasons – and underestimates the health risks.”

Are you looking forward to a summer vacation on the Baltic Sea, in Rimini or even on Mallorca? This seems possible again after the political developments of the past days. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, Chairman of the World Medical Association, does not want to approve.

Montgomery warns against the rapid opening of European borders to tourism. “I would advise the government to keep the borders closed – in both directions,” he told the newspapers of the Funke media group. “For health reasons, it would be best if people stayed where they live.”

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With regard to the announcement by Foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) to lift the travel warning for Europe in mid-June, Montgomery warned of a dangerous race: “I am very concerned about the new easing between the European countries because we will again get an outbidding competition: Who opens further, who opens faster? “Travel traffic will increase the risk of a second wave of infection:” It will be harder than the first because we will no longer be so careful. ”

“Government acts exclusively for economic reasons”

The new freedom of travel is also risky due to the expected increase in trips to Germany: “If tourists come back to Germany now, the risk of infection increases,” said Montgomery. The border openings are therefore premature. “The government acts here exclusively for economic reasons – and underestimates the health risks,” he criticized: “We cannot return to normality yet.”

Maas and his colleagues from ten of Germany’s most popular travel destinations had agreed to work towards opening the borders to tourists by the beginning of summer. He announced that the travel warning for German tourists, which was still valid worldwide until June 14, would initially only be lifted for the European Union and replaced by individual travel advice for the individual countries.

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