Sunday question: Better a better frame rate or a higher resolution?

A new generation of consoles is in the starting blocks for Sony and Microsoft. This not only creates new games and lots of speculation. The question of technical innovations also arises. Of course, both opponents want to be ahead and install the most effective parts in their consoles. This should make the new games run more smoothly and offer the highest resolution.

With a new generation of consoles and thus improved technology, the question arises again what the developers should concentrate on. There are now 4K televisions in many living rooms, which players want to see used, of course.

On the other hand, there are players who do not place as much emphasis on the resolution of a game. You would prefer it to have as much FPS (frames per second) as possible. The smoother the movements in the game are, the more pleasant the game experience will be. Depending on the genre, more FPS can even be decisive for the game, such as in shooters.

Which attitude do you prefer to play with? Do you need the highest resolution and a game has to shine with 4K accordingly? Or are you more or less indifferent to the resolution as long as it simply runs smoothly? Answer our today’s Sunday question with a comment.

The results of the Sunday question of May 17th

Sunday question: Creeping missions – creeping or with your head through the wall?

  • After several failed attempts, I run / just shoot myself / 35.59% (21 votes)
  • Even if it takes more time / I need several attempts, I try to get past everything unnoticed / 28.81% (17 votes)
  • Sneaking never works for me anyway, I run through / shoot myself / 15.25% (9 votes)
  • A sneaking mission always works for me only 99%, i.e. at the end an enemy always discovers me / 11.86% (7 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] / 8.47% (5 votes)

Total votes: 59

Last week it was about sneaking missions in video games. In most cases, over a third of all participants simply go through when they have made several failed attempts. However, a little more than a quarter of the participants try the missions until it finally works.

The tenor from the comments is similar. There are users who face the challenge and also feel well rewarded when everything works in the end. A lot of work or personal ambition goes into such a mission. On the other hand, there were also users for whom sneaking missions are a personal nemesis. Firstly, because they don’t have much patience for such passages. Furthermore, some also feel too stressed because they have to take care of many things at the same time.


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