Sunday question: Do you take advantage of offers in Black Friday Week?

Another special season has dawned: The one of the many offers. It’s Black Friday. Well, if you take it exactly it is a whole week or, with some providers, even the whole month. You are now constantly thrown with offers and discounts. Everyone decides for themselves whether they actually save or just fall for a marketing ploy. After all, someone has to prove to me that I am saving!

Nevertheless, the question arises for me – as every year – whether I shouldn’t participate in one or the other savings price. Smart advertising gives me the feeling that I am saving. Here is a new 3-for-2 offer, there five Blue-rays for less than 20 euros and on another website I might find the right Christmas present. At the same time, Amazon sends me new emails almost every day notifying me that there are now more offers. I almost lose track of things and all that stuff can be stolen from me.

But what about you guys? Are you one of those people who wait almost all year round for this week and get as much as possible, very cheaply? You may also switch off all media during this time and don’t want anything to do with it. Maybe you just need a Christmas present or two. Tell us about this Sunday question!

The results of the Sunday question from November 15th

Your favorite Souls from FromSoftware?

  • Dark Souls III 29.85% (20 votes)
  • Demon’s Souls 28.36% (19 votes)
  • Dark Souls 28.36% (19 votes)
  • Dark Souls II 13.43% (9 votes)

Total votes: 67


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