Sunday Question – Gaming Icons: Luigi vs. Tails

It’s that time again for two familiar faces from the video game industry to compete against each other. Both characters have at least one thing in common: They are often seen as second fiddle or as a sidekick who supports the protagonist. This Sunday it’s about Luigi and Tails.

Luigi now owns a few games that establish him as a protagonist. However, he is often labeled as Mario’s brother and shines rather in the shadow of him. Nintendo gave him a full year with Luigi’s Mansion 2, merchandise and even a commemorative coin. In addition, he always does well against ghosts. So far it has not been enough for him to be too popular à la Mario. Maybe he doesn’t need it either.

The same goes for his current rival Tails. He supports Sonic in every game wherever he can. Whenever Sonic rushes into another situation, it is mostly Tails who brings him back down to earth and forges an elaborate plan. So finally both Dr. Defeat Eggman. But even on his own he has something on his chest and can fly with the help of his two tails.

The results of the Sunday question from January 10th

Your first impression of Monster Hunter Rise?

  • Very good 30.91% (17 votes)
  • I’m generally not interested in Monster Hunter. 29.09% (16 votes)
  • Good 16.36% (9 votes)
  • Satisfactory 10.91% (6 votes)
  • Very bad 10.91% (6 votes)
  • I haven’t been able to play / download the demo yet. 1.82% (1 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 0.00% (0 votes)

Total votes: 55


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