Sunday question: In which game did you invest the most time?

There are these games that won’t let us go. They are games that you still think about or deal with in some way even after playing. Players sometimes invest a lot of time in a particular title. But have you ever thought about which game you invested the most time in? This is exactly the question we are going to get to the bottom of today!

To have a little chat, I can say with great certainty that Monster Hunter World and its expansion Iceborne are right up there with me. The speedometer now shows over 350 hours that I have invested in this game alone. There are also posts in forums, memes or videos, which I occasionally look at or read through. The title is just four years old.

However, Monster Hunter World is also a game that records the playing time. When I was a kid, that was next to nonexistent in many video games. And when I think back to my few games, I think of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe and Pokémon Silver for GameBoy Color. I certainly invested more playing time in these two games. Back then you didn’t have that much choice. They tried to research all the secrets on their own or to crack the last high scores.

Nowadays I tend to distract myself with other games instead of investing a lot of time in one game. Even games that are designed for “games as a service” usually don’t keep me going that long. Unless they’re called Animal Crossing and they allow me to build my own town or island. Then there are hundreds of hours of playing time again. Why should you do something about it if you enjoy it?

So I can now pass on the question mentioned at the beginning to you:

In which game did you invest the most time?

Feel free to write your answers in the comments and possibly also share your playing times.

The results of the Sunday question from February 28th

Sunday question: Are you interested in Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade?

  • I will most likely buy the DLC because I like the remake a lot. 32.70% (52 votes)
  • The material shown leaves me cold so far. 18.87% (30 votes)
  • The DLC arouses my interest, but I still need more information (scope, price, etc.). 13.21% (21 votes)
  • In general, I think it’s good that FF7RE is still being worked on (regardless of the individual episodes). 10.69% (17 votes)
  • I wait until all episodes / content from the Final Fantasy 7 Remake have been released in order to play everything in one go. 9.43% (15 votes)
  • I am very happy about the announcement. 7.55% (12 votes)
  • I have a different opinion [Nennung in den Kommentaren] 7.55% (12 votes)

Total votes: 159


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