Sunday question: should the main Pokémon games still consist of two versions?

Red and blue, gold and silver or black and white. The main Pokémon games have always appeared in two versions on the day of publication. For fans this means being spoiled for choice, because of course it doesn’t work without a few exclusive content. The developers will of course be even more pleased if they buy both versions.

In a tradition that has been maintained for so long, there are two camps: keep it or reconsider? Because maybe you can find a better system than the old one. Today we want to discuss a few options for Pokémon.

Wouldn’t it be better if there was only one version with all content? From the customer’s point of view this option is certainly more obvious than for publishers. But you could also go in exactly the opposite direction and even increase the version differences. However, this would have the disadvantage that double purchases would become even more imposing.

how do you see it? Tradition yes or no? Do you have any other suggestions as to how future generations of Pokémon should be released? Tell us in the comments!


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