Sunday Question: Which video game anniversary are you most looking forward to?

Various video game series are celebrating their anniversary this year. So The Pokémon Company has already released a trailer for the series’ 25th birthday. Fans can look forward to New Pokémon Snap, which will be released on April 30th. In addition, there are already rumors about the remakes of the Diamant & Perl editions, which are also celebrating their 15th anniversary. Oh yes, and Katy Perry is there too.

After Mario turned 35 last year, he will join us this year Zelda and Metroid continue. Maybe there is also a nice 3D collection for the titles this year? However, Nintendo has not announced anything yet and we can look forward to it. Atlus has already announced that it has plans for the anniversary of persona are in progress.

Almost nothing is known about the other items in the list. The new Halo takes a while to arrive and could appear this year. Whether there is something new to it Overwatch Blizzcon will certainly show. Crash Bandicoot received a new offshoot with It’s About Time last year.

What about with you? Which video game anniversary are you most excited about? It may also be an anniversary that is not in my list. Then write in the comments what you would most like to see. (Multiple choices possible.)

The results of the Sunday question from January 17th

Sunday Question – Gaming Icons: Luigi vs. Tails

  • Luigi 57.14% (40 votes)
  • Tails 42.86% (30 votes)

Total of all votes: 70


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