Sunday question: Your first impression of Monster Hunter Rise?

As of this week, hunters can once again make the worlds unsafe in Monster Hunter. Unfortunately, the world is only a demo, but it shortens the waiting time until March 26, 2021. Because that is the day on which it appears Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch. A reason for fans to take a closer look at the demo.

Before the demo could even be downloaded on a large scale, it made small headlines. Apparently the demand was so great that the Nintendo eShop was not available when the demo was launched. No wonder, after all, the predecessor is Capcom’s most successful game. Therefore, many wanted to see what was new to discover.

The demo doesn’t show much, but it does give a good first impression of the new possibilities, areas and weapon controls in the game. There are also new elements such as the rope beetle, the palamute as animal companions and the wyvern riding. This keeps the gameplay fresh. But do you agree? What’s your first impression of Monster Hunter Rise? Tell us about this Sunday question. Also with a comment in the forum!

The results of the Sunday question of December 20th

Which is the best starter Pokémon?

  • Charmander (fire) 44.09% (41 votes)
  • Squirtle (water) 20.43% (19 votes)
  • Bulbasaur (plant) 11.83% (11 votes)
  • Bauz (plant) 9.68% (9 votes)
  • Eevee (Normal) 9.68% (9 votes)
  • Fynx (fire) 2.15% (2 votes)
  • Plinfa (water) 2.15% (2 votes)

Total of all votes: 93


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