Super Nintendo World: A half-hour video tour of the amusement park

Recently, Nintendo finally announced the completion of Super Nintendo World. Universal Studios Japan and Nintendo’s theme park is slated to open in the spring. The opening was originally planned for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, but not only that fell through this year. Shigeru Miyamoto recently presented the amusement park to us in a special edition of Nintendo Direct.

The Japanese YouTube channel HikakinTV now gives you more insights. Because a trip to the park may not be possible that quickly. In half an hour, the Youtuber leads you through the huge area and presents you with numerous attractions, but also shopping opportunities.

Super Nintendo World focuses on the Mario franchise and, in addition to Bowser’s and Princess Peach’s Castle, also offers other attractions from the Yoshi and Mario Kart games. From the sandy pyramids to various warp tube segments to a walkway made of note pads, you can completely immerse yourself in the world of the Mario franchise.

The park will open its doors on February 4th, 2021.

Images: Super Nintendo World, Nintendo, Universal Studios / Universal Parks


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