Supercharger for everyone? China boss does not rule out opening of the fast Tesla network

The fact that Tesla’s superchargers also work for electric cars from other brands was impressively demonstrated this summer in Germany: An apparently ignorant new owner of an e-Golf simply tried a new V3 charging station and got power from it without any problems – the news got around, and soon strange electric cars could be seen on several superchargers, which were busy charging, and free of charge. According to Tesla, the brief openness for everyone was a mistake. Basically, however, the statement by CEO Elon Musk still applies that the supercharger network could also be made available to other manufacturers. And his China boss has now confirmed that again.

Tesla’s charging network as a competitive advantage

“We are not ruling out the possibility of offering the use of Tesla charging stations for other electric car brands in the future,” said Grace Tao, Vice President responsible for China business, according to Twitter reports on Tuesday. In this case, however, prior certification of the third-party makes at Tesla is required. Tao did not give specific information or dates, which should mean that for the time being it is actually only about a theoretical possibility.

In Europe at least, Tesla’s supercharger network is increasingly proving to be a significant competitive advantage. Presentable electric cars are now also available from other manufacturers, but none of them, like Tesla, is building their own charging network for them at the same time. The result is that electrical trips are repeatedly reported with considerable problems. On the way to Spain, the owner of a Porsche Taycan from Norway stood in front of unusable pillars, to which the navigation system had directed him, and even had to be towed away. And recently a reader of reported on a “horror trip” after picking up his VW ID.3 in Wolfsburg.

When it comes to the number of charging locations, Tesla is now surpassed by several providers in Germany, and it should look no different in the rest of Europe and also in China. But your own superchargers are strategically positioned and have the decisive advantage that they almost always work reliably; if the columns fail, this is indicated in the navigation.

10,000 superchargers per year from China

According to current statements from Tao, Tesla operates 500 Supercharger locations in China. Last week it was announced that a new factory near the Gigafactory for Model 3 and soon Model Y will produce 10,000 new Supercharger columns per year. The China boss said it was not yet clear whether all of these would be used in their own country or some of them would be exported.

Either way, Tesla’s supercharger network is being expanded worldwide and has recently included a total of 20,000 charging points. That and the reliably functioning use is certainly attractive for other electric cars as well. Tesla, on the other hand, would have primarily financial advantages if it opened – and would also benefit in marketing terms if everyone came to the pioneer shop. Nevertheless, it was speculated on Twitter that the reference to one’s own openness might not have come about in authoritarian China without government pressure.


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