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Superstar Dolly Parton hails Jolene version of OG3NE

“Love it, love it, love it!” For example, American superstar Dolly Parton responds to “us” OG3NE, when she hears how the group performs its hit Jolene.

Parton heard the version on a program on the American channel Glamor is the part You Sang My Song in which world stars are presented with versions sung by other artists. The editorial staff of Glamor, which stopped the paper edition in America but became an online success, came across the Home Isolationversion OG3NE and is very enthusiastic about the vocal qualities of the ladies. Under the pretense of an interview with Glamor a zoom meeting was set up in which OG3NE was suddenly surprised.

OG3NE separately from each other

The three Dutch sisters sing Jolene, a worldwide hit and already sung in numerous covers, in corona time in separate rooms. The guitarist who accompanies Amy, Lisa and Shelley is also in their own place. Yet the song sounds “speckle-clean”, that’s how Dolly Parton should.

“Wow, what a beautiful sound”, says the 74-year-old singer. “What a beautiful harmony.” She laughs when the ladies don’t sing Jolene, but OG3NE. “OG3NE, OG3NE, OG3NE, I love it, love it, love it! Do you have a lot more? Thank you for choosing my song. I love you different ones too looks and the guitarist. Good name by the way, OG3NE. ”

The singers are stunned when they see Dolly Parton on the screen watching and listening to their corona version. Of course there are catchphrases like “Oh My God” and “I never expected this”. “You hope another artist thinks you treated their song with respect,” says Shelley.

Davina Michelle and Pink!

The same thing happened to Davina Michelle when Pink! listened to her What About Us. “This is better than I will ever sound,” said the American a few years ago. The fragment has now been viewed almost 20 million times.

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Superstar Dolly Parton hails Jolene version of OG3NE


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