“Support the poorest of the poorest badly affected by the crisis” | Financial

The organization that works against poverty in the world, comes with this call on the eve of the World Economic Forum that this time takes place digitally due to corona.

Her research found that the top 1,000 billionaires held their net worth at $ 12 trillion as stock markets more than recovered from the corona crash nearly a year ago.

Extra poverty

Oxfam Novib, on the other hand, estimates that 200 to 500 million extra people have ended up in extreme poverty, or have to live on less than $ 5.50 a day. If no action is taken, it could take up to ten years for the poorest to overcome the economic consequences.

The organization also notes that women and minorities have fallen behind further and is concerned that the corona vaccines are mainly going to rich countries.


She has formulated five steps to achieve a better world.

  1. Governments must formulate concrete objectives to reduce inequality.
  2. Everyone must be able to rely on a social safety net and have access to healthcare. Pharmaceutical companies should make the patents and technology of the vaccines available free of charge.
  3. Employees should receive higher wages and continue to be paid in the event of illness.
  4. The sharply reduced tax rates in the US, among others, in recent decades must be increased again. A temporary tax on the additional profits of the 32 largest corporate profiters from the crisis will bring in $ 104 billion. This can be used to support the poorest people who are very suffering from the crisis.
  5. More needs to be done to limit global warming, partly because poorer countries are particularly affected.

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