Surcharge affair sows aggression against the tax authorities

Citizens are increasingly aggressive in their contact with the tax authorities. This includes verbal abuse at the Tax Information Line. The reason for this is the civil crisis of confidence after the child benefits affair.

Trade unions NCF, FNV Overheid, CNV Overheid and CMHF are receiving more and more reports from Tax and Customs Administration employees about increasing aggressiveness. The unions write this in a letter to it FD. It mainly concerns telephone operators who have to pay for it. According to the unions, they now have to deal with much more evil callers. The main reason for the aggressiveness, according to the unions, is the declining confidence in the public service. In addition, employees also encounter problems in the day-to-day procedures.

Surcharge affair source of aggression

The benefits affair in particular is said to have caused faith in the tax authorities to plummet. Despite the fact that the affair mainly showed the defects of the benefits department, citizens seem to be reacting to their aggression on the entire organization. The figures supporting these statements are not available or have not been released. Even attempts to speak to tax telephonists in person are not supported by the substantiation.

On the other hand, an employee of the Tax Authorities stated to the unions: “It results in a lot of ‘bias’ among the citizen.” The employee is referring to the benefits affair. “In every case where the Tax and Customs Administration has a different position from the taxpayer, it is easy to revert to the benefits affair and the debt collector is personally addressed about his or her actions,” says the employee.

Fear of racism

The consequences of the benefits affair now also influence the day-to-day affairs of the Tax and Customs Administration. Not only do employees therefore have to deal with verbal abuse, but the unions also let it be known that the service is missing a lot of revenues. Fearing accusations of racism and discrimination, the Tax and Customs Administration is more reluctant to investigate fraud. The combination of increasing aggression and reservation can jeopardize justice. “Give us more room to apply the human measure,” ask the unions. Incidentally, the Tax Authorities meanwhile denies the restraint in fraud investigations.

Tax authorities again made the mistake

Despite the many promises of improvement after the benefits affair, it was revealed yesterday that the Tax and Customs Administration has again made a mistake. This time, for example, hundreds of people were again confronted with a blue letter, containing the message that the recipient must pay back surcharges. The Tax and Customs Administration cooled the ensuing aggression with the message that an error had been made in the automatically generated letters.

Unrest on the work floor of the Tax and Customs Administration

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Surcharge affair causes a lot of aggression against employees of the Tax and Customs Administration


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