Surf anonymously – these tools keep you safe on the Internet

With our tools you put an end to the data collection mania of curious website operators and surf anonymously.

To surf anonymously, it is not enough not to log into Facebook, use a fake email address and surf in the private mode of your browser. Many web services store information about you in cookies. The more you use a provider’s service, the more accurate their picture of you will be. A good example is Amazon: The web giant suggests articles to you based on previous searches. Another traitor is your IP address. It is mentioned automatically when you surf the web so that the server with the website knows where to send its data. This is necessary, but anyone can at least find out your approximate location from the IP address.

Tools that promise anonymous surfing therefore often disguise the IP address. The well-known Tor browser, for example, redirects your IP trace via anonymization servers. And so that the server operators cannot create a profile of you, Tor redirects you to many servers. When tracking, snoopers are then faced with a confusing thicket of servers through which your trail criss-crosses. In addition, Tor encrypts large parts of the data traffic. Disadvantage of Tor: The detours slow down the surfing fun. If Tor is too slow for you, you can check out VPN tools like Cyberghost VPN. These place a virtual private network server between you and your surfing destination. The method is usually faster, but many providers have monthly fees.

After the IP address has been obfuscated, however, you must not forget to silence your browser. Firefox and Chrome offer many setting options here. We have therefore also included history cleaners and anti-espionage tools in our gallery.

You will reveal a lot if you stay logged in to Facebook, Googlemail and Amazon, to name just a few examples. We advise you to log out of these services if you do not need them. Or turn off an extra browser just for these offers.

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