Surf cleanly on dirty sites

Not only viruses lurk in the dark corners of the Internet, but also curious spies and annoying stumbling blocks. Our tools create security and convenience.

In the dark corners of the Internet there are not only interesting downloads and unique content, but also nasty malware and often sloppily programmed and overloaded pages. With our tools, you can even slam the door on stubborn viruses and snoopers, accelerate downloads and bypass many a download block.

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You should always have an up-to-date antivirus program – whether you are in dark corners or just on Amazon and on the weather report page. The main focus of the gallery is therefore on useful helpers who specialize in certain problems and traps. Many of the helpers are browser add-ons that warn you of malware-infected pages or quickly and conveniently suck all the content of the page onto your hard drive.

However, it is safest to use your own system to surf sites with a dubious reputation. It doesn’t necessarily have to be your own computer (even if that would be the best). With the tools from the gallery you can create a virtual secondary system, especially for surfing. If the system is infected, the infection does not easily spread to your actual system. Linux, which is more secure than Windows, is recommended for such secondary systems. For comfort, we have also packed ready-made surf systems in the gallery.

Important: Make regular backups so that your data is not gone in the event of a contaminated system. Because restarting the system is the most thorough way of eliminating the malware that has fallen into place.


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