Surf safely – these tools turn your computer into a Fort Knox

Bulwark for the browser – don’t give viruses and hackers a chance! With these programs you shut off your browser and throw out intruders.

Don’t worry – we won’t leave you to the advice that you should definitely install an up-to-date antivirus. Of course, an antivirus tool like Avira Free Antivirus is the basis of a protected system – you have certainly heard or read this thousands of times. But have you heard of Skipfish? Or do you know what a browser-in-the-box is? In our download gallery, in addition to common security solutions, you will also find little-known specialists who keep the malware brood away from you.

For example, the Chromium browser converted by the anti-virus specialist Comodo called Comodo Dragon. Externally, Google Chrome is similar, but Dragon should be more stable and stop persistent cookies thanks to privacy mode. Comodo promises that Dragon SSL certificates will be examined more closely. Those who prefer to isolate their browser completely from the rest of the PC are more likely to use BitBox – a browser-in-the-box. The developers (behind the Federal Office for Information Security BSI stands for BitBox) have packed their browser in a specially adapted Linux environment in a virtual environment. Linux has some advantages over Windows – among other things, there are hardly any pests for the free operating system.

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For this reason, professionals like to use Virtual Box and install a complete Linux – often Ubuntu – in this virtual machine. You can use the virtual Ubuntu only as a surfing system or even more specifically only for online banking. By the way, you don’t need virus protection for Ubuntu. Tip: The alternative way to install Ubuntu alongside Windows is Wubi.exe. Ubuntu installs the small file next to Windows on the disk. When you start the system, you select which system you want to start. This way you don’t need a virtual box.


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