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Surprisingly, these products were the most sold online due to the lockdown

According to, the purchasing behavior of the Dutch consumer has turned extremely since the second lockdown. “During the first lockdown, there was a run on fitness equipment and we now also see that people are looking en masse online to buy weights. Keeping fit is now the top priority for many shoppers, but this is not the only need that is strongly emerging. ” In this article, we list a number of striking facts.

Handwritten ticket

Do you ever send a paper card? In recent years, the sale of paper cards has fallen sharply, but this year there has been an increase in the number of handwritten cards being sold. This is also evident from the figures of Beslist: there is an increase of no less than 134% in our search behavior for greeting cards compared to last year.

We spend more time at home than usual, which makes us want to make it more fun at home through activities or games. Search traffic for shuffleboarding increased strikingly by 128% and board games by 47%.

Because we are working from home en masse and it looks like this will take a while, we have also invested heavily in our home workplace: the number of searches for an office chair increased by 99% compared to last year and we also searched for screens 64% more often.

Another notable increase is the number of searches for hair coloring: no less than 70%. Now that we can no longer go to the hairdresser, we just have to provide ourselves with that coveted balayage, right? An advantage: it is cheaper. Small drawback: there is a good chance that it will fail. But hey, luckily we have enough time to fix it again.

Also interesting – and just as surprising is the increase in sales of products from the following categories on the Beslist website last year:

  • Weights (+ 2778%)
  • Fitness equipment (+ 284%)
  • Cat litter (179%)
  • Greeting cards (+ 134%)
  • Shuffleboard (+ 128%)
  • Office chairs (+ 99%)
  • Animal feed (+ 91%)
  • Hair coloring (+ 70%)
  • Monitors (+ 64%)
  • Board games (+ 47%)

Which product did you immediately score when you heard that another lockdown was coming?


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