Survey: Companies plan to work from home in the long term

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The trend towards home office triggered by the Corona crisis will change the economy in Germany in the long term. When asked about the long-term effects of Corona for their company, 66 percent of the CFOs surveyed by the management consultancy Deloitte said: “We are planning to increasingly rely on remote working.”

First of all, that costs money. 43 percent said: “We will greatly expand our cyber protection due to increased remote working.” On the other hand, however, the companies save: “We are planning to reduce our office space in the future due to the increased number of home offices,” said 37 percent of the CFOs surveyed.

“Cost reductions” will be high on the list of strategic measures for 71 percent of managers in the next twelve months. When investments are made, 61 percent want to spend more money on “optimizing organization and business processes”. With “software, data, IT networks and website activities”, 47 percent want to place a stronger focus.

The verdict of the CFOs on the effectiveness of the government aid worth billions was mixed. The short-time working allowance helped their company, said 54 percent of those surveyed. In contrast, only 5 percent saw the reduction in VAT as helpful.


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