Survey: Fixed network telephony is increasing again in Germany

In the past twelve months, the proportion of landline telephone connections in Germany has increased again.

According to a survey by the comparison portal Verivox, landline telephony is becoming more popular again in Germany. 81 percent of the Germans surveyed by the portal stated that they had a stationary connection in their household. In the same period last year it was 73 percent. The survey interviewed people between the ages of 18 and 69.

Corona pandemic responsible for increasing popularity

Verivox sees the corona pandemic as one of the possible reasons for the increasing use of landline connections. Since many Germans have been at home more and more in the past two years, they may have rediscovered the landline telephone for themselves.

Poor mobile phone reception as another reason

According to Verivox, another reason is the insufficient mobile phone reception in many households.

“The German mobile network still has gaps today, especially in rural areas. Anyone who wants to make reliable calls there is often still dependent on the landline network – or has to switch to Internet-based applications such as video telephony or WLAN calls,”

explains Jens-Uwe Theumer, Vice President Telecommunications at Verivox.

Landline connection usually part of the Internet tariff

In Germany, landline connections are usually provided free of charge by the Internet provider and are included in the tariff. In this way, there are no monthly fixed costs and a landline flat rate is usually also included.

“The stationary connection improves the accessibility of many people and costs nothing extra”

according to Theumer.

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