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Sustainable cleaning agents: These products clean in an environmentally friendly manner

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Cleaning is not much fun, but a clean apartment is fun. That is why there are shelves full of products in drugstores and supermarkets that are supposed to keep the bathroom, kitchen, floor, windows and so on hygienically clean. But these chemical clubs are often harmful to health and the environment. So prefer to use sustainable, ecological cleaning agents.

Therefore you should use ecological cleaning agents

Ingredients such as phosphonates, optical brighteners, polycarboxylates, preservatives, silicones, paraffins, synthetic fragrances and dyes are often difficult to break down and can accumulate in the environment, according to the Federal Environment Agency. Fortunately, you don’t need these cleaning agents to do a thorough cleaning – just a few ecological products are enough.

So you can recognize and use sustainable cleaning agents

In order to clean in an environmentally friendly way, you should first make sure that the cleaning agents do not contain the ingredients mentioned above. You can recognize ecological cleaning agents by the environmental labels “Ecogarantie” and “Ecocert”.

When cleaning, the following applies: less is more. Even a small amount of detergent is enough if you just scrub vigorously. And: the faster you remove dirt, the less time it has to encrust and the easier it is to get rid of.

Use reusable materials for cleaning

Using sustainable cleaning agents is of course exemplary, but don’t forget to use environmentally friendly cleaning materials. So instead of paper towels or other disposable materials, use cloth towels, cleaning rags and mops that you can wash at 60 degrees after use.

You should have these cleaning agents at home

These cleaning products should be found in every apartment:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Vinegar cleaner
  • Neutral all-purpose cleaner
  • Scouring milk

Depending on which surfaces can be found in your household, other cleaning agents can of course also be useful.

These are the best sustainable cleaning products

1. Everdrop

Everdrop – Starter Bottle Kit – EUR 29.99 *

Most spray bottle cleaning supplies are largely made up of water – a resource we all have at home. This is not the case with the cleaning agent tabs from Everdrop *. They consist of high-dose, dry ingredients in tablet form, which you can simply dissolve in tap water at home. This saves CO2 because the diluted cleaning agent can be transported more easily from the factory to the dealer and into the home. You also generate less plastic waste, because the tabs are delivered in recyclable paper envelopes and dissolved in reusable spray bottles made from recycled PET.

At Everdrop you will find all-purpose cleaners, bathroom cleaners, glass cleaners, dishwasher tablets, detergents, color detergents and mild detergents. In addition, with the starter sets you can get all products in a suitable, sustainable container or in a spray bottle.

By the way: We tested the sustainable cleaning agents from Everdrop – that is the conclusion

2. Home remedies

Pure citric acid from Heitmann pure (500 milliliters) – 2.15 euros at Amazon *

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be cleaning products from the bottle, because you can also keep your home clean with home remedies. These three agents are cheap, economical and ecological alternatives to the decisive all-purpose cleaners:

  • Soda*: An ecological degreaser with which you can clean greasy surfaces, thermos and teapots, but also windows or (in connection with vinegar) drains.
  • Citric acid*: An inexpensive home remedy that combats mold and bacteria and is also suitable as a descaler.
  • Viennese lime *: A purely natural product with which you can remove stubborn incrustations and dirt or clean and polish sensitive surfaces.

3. Ecover

All-purpose cleaner from Ecover (6 x 750 milliliters) – 10.53 euros at Amazon *

Ecover is one of the most famous brands for organic cleaning products. The products contain only herbal and mineral ingredients. In addition, the brand works completely without animal testing. The cleaning agents are sold in plastic containers, but these consist of 75 percent plastic based on sugar cane and 25 percent recycled plastic. At Ecover you will find bathroom cleaners *, all-purpose cleaners *, toilet cleaners *, dishwashing detergent *, mild detergent *, color washing powder *, dishwasher tabs *, color washing powder * and fabric softener *.

4. Sure

Ecological floor cleaner from Klar (500 milliliters) – 7.38 euros at Amazon *

The brand specializes in natural cleaning products. What is special is that the products are made completely without fragrances – this makes them ideal for allergy sufferers. The Klar range is also very diverse: you will find glass and surface cleaners *, floor cleaners *, citric acid limescale removers *, toilet cleaners *, universal cleaners * and much more. The ingredients are also either vegetable or mineral and all raw materials come from organic farming. Klar also works completely without animal testing and the cleaning agents are vegan.

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