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Sustainable fashion: the best brands for every occasion and style

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According to data available from the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the fashion industry has a huge problem: every year it uses around 93 billion cubic meters of water (one cubic meter equals 1,000 liters). At the same time, it is responsible for around 20 percent of global wastewater and up to ten percent of CO2 emissions. In addition, around 500,000 tons of microplastics are released into the oceans every year through the production of clothing. Worst of all, 85 percent of the textiles that are made for our clothing end up in landfills. That makes the fashion industry one of the greatest burdens on the environment.

Sustainable fashion on the rise

So it’s no wonder that the demand for sustainable fashion is growing all the time. In a market research survey by the auditing and consulting firm KPMG, 50 percent of the 5,269 respondents said they were concerned about the environment. This is precisely why 60 percent of the study participants would also tend to buy sustainable clothing, provided the price is not higher than “normal” fashion. Another 13 percent of those surveyed would even pay an extra charge for sustainability. Overall, the researchers were able to show that only six percent would not buy sustainable fashion in principle.

What are the requirements for sustainable fashion?

“A piece of clothing is considered sustainable if it has been produced sustainably from A to Z,” says Barbara Becker, activist and fashion designer from Berlin, opposite “Insider Picks”, who sells sustainably and fairly produced fashion through her shop Barbeck. That means: From the fabric, through the thread and the buttons to the packaging, all materials used must be made from renewable or recycled raw materials. At the same time, the manufacturing process must be as environmentally friendly as possible and use a minimum of energy. Of course, pesticides and other harmful chemicals are also taboo.

How do you recognize sustainable fashion?

Barbara Becker recommends getting information from organizations such as the Fair Wear Foundation or Fair Trade. In addition, seals can only be used by companies if they undergo strict controls on a regular basis. “The most stringent are the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) or its German equivalent, the Green Button,” explains Becker. Other seals that stand for sustainable fashion include IVN Best, Made in Green, Bluesign or Cradle to Cradle.

But be careful: many large fast fashion chains market their collections as sustainable. They often use in-house seals that are supposed to imply sustainability. But Becker warns of this: “Whoever establishes his own seal also defines his own rules of the game. Then lead materials and chlorine can still be used in production, which would not be permitted with GOTS. That is why I would only orient myself to independent and recognized seals. “

The best sustainable fashion brands

But which brands offer beautiful, comfortable and, above all, long-lasting sustainable fashion? We searched for the best fashion brands to help you make your wardrobe greener. These include streetwear brands such as Phyne *, business fashion from Asket *, casual wear from Hessnatur * and sports clothing from Patagonia *.

1. Sustainable casual clothing from Hessnatur


  • Style: Sustainable casual wear for women and men
  • collection: Clothing, lingerie, shoes, accessories
  • Certification: GOTS
  • Availability: Hessnatur online shop *
  • Prices: €€

2. Sustainable sports fashion from Patagonia


  • Style: Sustainable outdoor clothing for women and men
  • collection: Swimwear and sportswear, lingerie, accessories
  • Certification: including GOTS and Fair Trade
  • Availability: for example at Avocadostore *
  • Prices: €€€

3. Sustainable business fashion from Asket


  • Style: Sustainable business fashion and basics for men
  • collection: Clothing, lingerie, jackets and coats, accessories
  • Certification: no seals, but suppliers have GOTS certification
  • Availability: Asket online shop *
  • Prices: €€

4. Sustainable streetwear from Phyne


  • Style: Sustainable streetwear for women and men
  • collection: Tops and accessories
  • Certification: GOTS and Green Button
  • Availability: for example at Avocadostore *
  • Prices: €€

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