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Sustainable toothpaste: The toothpaste tablets from Happybrush in the test

From detergents to cleaning items to personal care items – there are now more and more products for daily needs that come in tablet form. The idea behind this is simple: Most cleaning and personal care products are largely made up of water. But since we all have access to this raw material, these articles could do without the additive.

The decisive advantage of the tab format is that tablets are lighter and more compact than conventional liquid products. This saves CO2 emissions during production and transport, which is why they are significantly more sustainable. In addition, their packaging is often easier to recycle because it does not have to be waterproof and therefore renewable and biodegradable materials such as cardboard are also suitable for it.

Toothpaste tablets from Happybrush

Happybrush toothpaste tablets – Super Clean starter set with can and refill bag (250 tabs in total) – 9.95 euros at Happybrush *

The Munich dental care company Happybrush is now offering you a way to make your life a little more sustainable. The start-up, which is known from the TV show “Die Höhle der Löwen”, has developed a sustainable toothpaste in tablet form *. The toothpaste tabs consist of only twelve natural ingredients and are therefore a natural cosmetic product.

They are delivered in a 100 percent recycled and reusable can or in an FSC-certified paper bag for refilling (the seal stands for wood and paper products that are produced fairly and responsibly). Each pack contains 125 tablets, which is the equivalent of two tubes of conventional toothpaste. And because the tabs are dry, they can’t stick in the tube – so you don’t waste anything! At a price of just 5.95 euros per 125 tabs (in a refill pouch), they are also quite affordable *.

What are the toothpaste tabs made of?

Liquid toothpaste from the tube consists of 50 percent water. The tabs from Happybrush *, on the other hand, manage completely without water. You will also look in vain for problematic substances such as sodium lauryl sulfate, palm oil, triclosan and microplastics on the list of ingredients. Instead, they contain twelve natural and vegan ingredients. Including: Sodium Fluoride, Xylitol and Silica, which are scientifically recognized and proven to be effective for healthy teeth.

The toothpaste tablets from Happybrush in the test

But can the toothpaste tabs also keep up with regular toothpaste from the tube? I used the Happybrush tablets for several days and tested them in everyday life.

How do the tabs work?

In my everyday test, I used one tablet per application. The tablet is chewed in the mouth until a foam forms. Then simply brush off with a damp toothbrush and spit out the rest after two to three minutes of brushing your teeth. According to Happybrush, you can use up to two tabs at once for this, but one was already enough for my requirements.

Admittedly, in the beginning I had to resist the urge to simply swallow the tablet after chewing it. My long-term preference for PEZ shower has conditioned me just too much to swallow. But with a little bit of self-control, I did it. And even if I had swallowed the tab, it wouldn’t have been a problem. Stefan Walter, Co-CEO of Happybrush, confirmed to Insider Picks that the tablets (at least consumed in moderation) are harmless because they consist of purely natural ingredients. Even so, you should probably avoid swallowing them. Quite apart from that, you want to use it to clean your teeth …

How do you brush with the toothpaste tablets from Happybrush?

The foam that forms when you chew the tabs is slightly more watery than normal toothpastes. I also had to get used to that. I tested the tabs with both an electric toothbrush and a manual toothbrush and found no major differences in foam formation or cleaning performance. In both cases I had a pleasantly fresh, not too pungent mint taste in my mouth.

The feeling of freshness lasts about as long as the other toothpastes I’ve used before. It makes no difference whether I brushed my teeth in the morning after getting up or during the day after lunch. The mint taste also ensures fresh breath after eating (even if you cook with a lot of garlic like me).

What protection do the tabs offer?

I am not a dentist and I cannot really assess the protection of the toothpaste tablets. That’s why I asked the makers. Co-founder Stefan Walter, who, together with his partner Florian Kiener, can look back on many years of experience with dental care companies such as Oral-B and Blend-A-Med, has ensured that the tablets offer reliable all-round protection. They protect against tooth decay, tartar and plaque and also ensure fresh breath.

Their cleaning performance is comparable to “normal” liquid toothpastes, as the recipe is not affected by the dry consistency. The only drawback: the tabs do not (yet) meet special needs such as tooth whitening or sensitive treatment. However, the founders are already working on appropriate solutions and alternatives.

My test result: What good are the toothpaste tablets from Happybrush?

For some time now I’ve been trying to make my life more sustainable – it works sometimes better, sometimes worse. While I unfortunately still have cravings for soft drinks from PET bottles from the kiosk next door far too often and cannot always do without plastic packaging when buying groceries, there is absolutely no reason for me to switch back to liquid toothpaste in the future. Happybrush tablets are the perfect alternative: They offer the same results as conventional toothpastes, but can be produced in a more sustainable manner. And unlike many other sustainable products, you don’t pay any extra for it. The price for 125 tabs corresponds roughly to the price of two tubes of toothpaste from the drugstore.

At the latest, when Happybrush expands its range to include whitening or sensitive tabs, as announced, there will be no other choice for me when buying toothpaste than the sustainable tablets from the Munich start-up.

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