SUVs in long-term tests: which models are the most reliable?

How carefully are our cars designed and processed? How reliable are they in everyday life? AUTO BILD is investigating this question in an endurance test. Every defect, every one, becomes more than 100,000 kilometers Glitch of a test vehicle recorded and evaluated. Defects that are not noticeable in normal use will be cleared at the latest during the final dismantling of our DEKRA experts discovered. Since 2014 we have been summarizing all the results of the endurance tests in an eternal ranking list. Here we have the vehicle segment of the SUVs singled out and in its own Ranking summarized!

SUVs in the AUTO BILD used car market

They did really badly in the meantime 23 SUVs tested only a few. So far, the bottom line is the Subaru XV (grade 4-), with which a whole series of problems came together (including: worn out coupling, Melting on pistons, corrosion on chassis parts). It didn’t go much better for the Audi Q3. In the end it had a little fewer error points than the Subaru – due to several defects (lambda probe, exhaust gas recirculation cooler, transmission), however, only grade 4 was left.

Large ranking of the endurance test SUVs

The latest long-term test graduate from the SUV segment is the Hyundai Santa Fe. In the gallery we show what place it occupies in the ranking and which model is currently in first place!

Picture gallery


Ranking: SUVs in the endurance test

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