Suzan puts bomb under MAFS marriage: ‘don’t get too close to me’

“At the moment I don’t know if I can fall in love,” she says at the beginning of the journey. The next day it doesn’t exactly get any better. “I woke up and I got emotional, had to cry. We just talked about it: what is it? It’s upsetting you, you miss being alone.” Bert in turn doesn’t understand anything at all.

Suzan knows what the problem is. “I find myself distancing myself. Physically. Just don’t get too close to me.” She is already annoyed with her new husband. “We are just so much alike. Now and then you get tired of that too.” She is afraid her husband cannot handle her precisely because he looks so much like her.

There is only one place where Suzan wants to be: home. With her son and without a husband. She has already made her decision before she flies back to the Netherlands. “He could be a good friend, but I’m missing something now.” Meanwhile, Bert is aware of no harm. He is not afraid of losing her, even as a good friend.

When he then makes sexual jokes, Suzan is ready to pack her bags. “I’m just going to say it now, but you are just making two comments about SM and doing it safely”, she addresses Bert about his behavior. “Yes, that might not be very convenient of me,” he admits.

The couple decides not to live together immediately after the honeymoon. “I don’t think it’s good for our marriage,” Bert concludes. He feels lonely in the experiment. “It’s as if you are alone in it.”

It may be clear that the relationship is getting better during the honeymoon. And then the couples weekend is still on the program, according to MAFS-expert Eveline is going to crackle hard …


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