Suzuki Hayabusa GSX 1300 R: very neat Busa for sale

All bikers are in awe of the Suzuki Hayabusa. It doesn’t matter whether they are fans of the Japanese motorcycle icon or actually drive Harley-Davidson. And it doesn’t matter that there are machines today that are stronger on paper.

Suzuki Hayabusa 1350 on eBay

When Suzuki launched the first generation of the “Peregrine Falcon” in 1999, the 175 hp Busa was the most powerful and at the same time fastest production motorcycle in the world. What an announcement! Generation two came in 2008, with 197 hp and a possible top speed of over 300 km/h. This beast can only be tamed by masters on the handlebars, according to the general opinion in the motorcycle scene.
eBay Suzuki Hayabusa

The tires are said to be new. The potential prospect should take a close look at the brakes.

This Suzuki Hayabusa has not driven much and has been well maintained

A copy of this second Hayabusa generation is currently being offered on eBay. The seller describes his bike as briefly as possible in the text: “New TÜV, new tires.” But the ad offers – as usual on eBay – more information. And they speak for the Suzuki. This data not only shows that the Hayabusa comes first-hand. She has only run 9432 kilometers.
eBay Suzuki Hayabusa

Typical for Hayabusa, the second seat behind the driver can be covered when not in use.

In addition, it is stated that the Suzuki has no defects, has been regularly serviced in a workshop and has not been involved in an accident. There is ABS and an immobilizer on board. Under the item “individual add-on parts” the seller lists, among other things, clip-on handlebars and mirrors. The second seat has a cover that can be removed. This is so common with the Hayabusa.
eBay Suzuki Hayabusa

A look at the instruments confirms the low mileage that the seller stated.

If you finally look at the photos, you will find the statement “well maintained” confirmed. The motorcycle makes a very nice impression at first sight. There are no signs of damage or significant signs of use. Everything on the machine looks tidy and orderly. That could be a good indication that the low mileage is correct. Price: 12,500 euros.

Potential Hayabusa buyers should think about this

What should you know before buying a Hayabusa? Let’s start with the most important thing: the Japanese uber motorcycle is not for beginners! If you don’t have the necessary maturity for this monster, you’ll probably lose your head and neck. Flying along the left lane of the motorway at more than 250 things is possible, but not a pleasure.
The appeal of the Hayabusa lies elsewhere. It laces up very finely around the hairpin bends on your favorite country road, cushions extremely comfortably and can be directed relaxed from the hips. If you turn the gas roller to the right, it steams away powerfully from every situation, but never gets excited or crackles in dizzying speed regions. If you wanted to exaggerate, you could say: an AMG in quiet.

Suzuki Hayabusa 1350 on eBay

Anyone who is enthusiastic about a bike as powerful as the Hayabusa is probably best off with a copy that has a full service history. It’s like a sports car: Complex technology requires regular maintenance and ignoring it may result in damage. The history should be credible. The rule is: a tour machine is a better buy than a track tool.
The brakes require a closer look. This is dictated solely by the maximum possible speed and the weight of the Busa.

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