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Swallowing or choking in an oppressive pregnancy drama Movie

Swallow is a psychological thriller and drama all in one, starring actress Haley Bennett (The girl on the train) as a tragic center. Richie – preoccupied with his newly acquired key position in the family business – likes to show off his handsome wife, but doesn’t seem to be really interested in her. Neither are his parents, while hers have been completely out of the picture for a long time.

Hunter is soon pregnant and passionately polishes her golden cage inside. Yet her loneliness and lack of control over her own life are increasingly avenging. Because one of the few things she does have in her hand is what she takes in: a marble, a pushpin, a battery, a safety pin …


What fills her with a certain pride is that most of what she swallows comes out automatically. Such as many people who suffer from “pica”: the compulsive eating of inedible things. Yet not everything leaves her body by natural means, an alarming echo betrays the proportions.

The American writer-director Carlo Mirabella-Davis captures her seemingly perfect existence in equally perfect-looking images that underline its emptiness. In addition, he lets us gag alternately in his feature film debut. Although he also dares to lean on the emotional depths that Haley Bennett knows how to play. That has an oppressive effect.


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