Swiss Aldi cashiers often earn more than German teachers

An Aldi cashier at work.

An Aldi cashier at work.

INA FASSBENDER / AFP via Getty Images

Dream job: supermarket cashier? Very few will give this answer when asked about their career ambitions. However, if you want job security and a good salary, you should perhaps reconsider your job at the cash register – and emigrate to Switzerland. Because, as “Bild” reports, Aldi will pay at least 4,440 francs per month for young professionals from next year, which is the equivalent of 4,065 euros gross.

The high cost of living ensures that the Swiss Aldi sellers do not live like kings despite their very good wages by German standards, even though they earn more than 4,000 euros gross than civil servant teachers in Germany. Because, according to “Unicum”, they only bring it to EUR 3,481.17 to EUR 3,929.17 gross per month – depending on the federal state.

The bottom line, including the cost of living, at the end of the month they still have more of their money than the Aldi cashiers in Switzerland. Although they may have more impressive bank statements.



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