Swiss is using A321neo for the first time

On Friday, the newest member of the fleet will start its premiere flight to Berlin-Tegel.

On September 18, 2020, Swiss brought the latest type access from Hamburg to Zurich with the first Airbus A321neo. This bears the identification HB-JPA and the name “Stoos” – tomorrow, Friday, the aircraft is to be used for the first time in regular scheduled services.

If everything goes according to plan, the plane will fly from Zurich towards Berlin-Tegel at 07:35 a.m. This first A321neo will then “be used in the entire short-haul network”, as a Swiss spokeswoman told AviationNetOnline.

Swiss has ordered a total of eight A321neo. From the outside, the aircraft differs from the older A321 siblings in the Swiss fleet in several ways: For example, door number 2 in front of the wing is missing – otherwise a typical feature of the largest A320 family member. Instead, there are two emergency exits above the wings. Airbus calls this variant “Cabin Flex” – it can theoretically transport up to 244 passengers. At Swiss, however, there are significantly fewer – similar to Lufthansa, there should be 215 seats.

Another small specialty of the A321neo at Swiss is the “Zorro mask” on the cockpit windows – the older Airbus aircraft do not have this optical feature. And if you look closely, you naturally notice the slightly larger engines – Swiss opted for Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan Engines.


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