Switch special model announced in Splatoon look –

Nintendo wants to launch a colored special model of the OLED switch in the look of “Splatoon 3” in August.

At regular intervals, Nintendo releases chic special models of its handheld console Switch. The Japanese company has now announced a new special model of the OLED switch for August 26, 2022. The basis for the look of the hardware, simply named “Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition”, is the multiplayer action game “Splatoon 3”. The scope of delivery includes a switch in the usual black housing. However, there is also a dock in gray with a bright yellow splash of color and a background that is only noticeable at second glance due to its low contrast.

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Splatoon 3 themed joycons and dock

Nintendo also includes two colored joycons in the bundle, which are also based on “Splatoon 3”. The left joycon shines with a color transition from blue to purple. The right joycon, on the other hand, was kept in luminous yellow and luminous green. The joycons also feature prints from the game “Splatoon 3”.

Also available for Pro Controller

The actual game “Splatoon 3” will not be released until September 9, 2022. A special model of the Pro Controller for the switch will also be released on the same date, which is also green and blue and offers the same graffiti look. This controller should cost 75 US dollars. The Nintendo Switch – OLED Model Splatoon 3 Special Edition is slated to hit retail stores starting August 26th. The price should be in the US at 360 US dollars. The following trailer from Nintendo gives a more detailed impression of the special model.

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