Switched to Signal? Then you have to quickly adjust these settings

Commotion about modified terms of use at WhatsApp has generated a lot of extra interest in competitor Signal in recent weeks. This messaging application does a lot better in terms of privacy, although you have to adjust some settings first. An overview …

Since WhatsApp, like Facebook, is owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the app has long had a dubious reputation for privacy and data protection. When everyone received a message a few weeks ago that the app would change its terms of use, that criticism only grew.

The new terms of use state that WhatsApp will share a lot of personal data with parent company Facebook. This includes your telephone number, profile name and address book. In the meantime, it has been decided to postpone this adjustment until further notice. Yet that whole history was enough for many to switch to Signal. This application does indeed do a lot better in terms of privacy and especially data protection. Nevertheless, it is important to adjust a few things in your settings first.

Registration lock

One of the settings in Signal that you need to adjust is called ‘Registration Lock’. This means that you need that PIN to install your Signal account on a new phone so that no one can hack your account. If someone remotely accesses your smartphone, they won’t be able to see your message history that way. If you don’t enable that setting, your phone number or your SIM card is sufficient for access.

App lock

Another important setting that is not automatically on is the ‘App lock’. With that, you need the unlock method of your smartphone to access Signal. This can be your facial recognition (Face ID on iPhone), your fingerprint or a code.

Viewing prevention

Finally, the setting ‘Viewing prevention’ also provides extra security. By turning that on, you prevent other applications from taking print screens from Signal. The app does this by not showing its content in the list of recently opened apps.


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