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Sylvie Meis pissed after commenting on bikini photos: ‘Are you bodyshamening me?’

Sylvie Meis is absolutely not pleased with how the German program VIPstagram has discussed her bikini photos. The program compares Linda de Mol’s “fair” bikini cover and Meis’s photos. In addition, presenter Tanja Bülter calls the snapshots of the latter “boring”, while De Mol would be an inspiration for other women.

On her Instagram Story, Meis reacts furiously to Bülter’s comments: “Are you bodyshaming me now? I personally do not know the presenters of this very unknown format, but let me tell you. I am 42 years old and have survived many things in my life. I work hard on my career and yes I also work hard in the gym. Because it makes me happy, not because I strive for perfection.

Meis respects every body

Meis further says that she thinks one body is not “better” than the other and respects every body as it is. “I love all bodies and respect each body enough to show it in public (like Linda de Mol’s). But please don’t shame me because I love my body. ”

The program also suggests a kind of “battle” between Meis and De Mol. Linda de Mol stands for her imperfect construction. She says: “People, don’t be fooled. You may not be the youngest anymore, but photos like a Sylvie Meis she posts are not the benchmark. “To that extent, she stands for body positivity and encourages other women not to participate in this” slenderness madness. ” Moreover, presenters Bülter and Kena Amoa state that De Mol lashes out at Meis in her magazine, while she did not.

She said earlier that she thinks she has a jealous body. In a column in Grazia she wrote in 2019: “ I am a forty-year-old woman with a body that many a 25-year-old could still look at: nah, I would also like to. ”

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Sylvie Meis pissed after commenting on bikini photos: “Are you bodyshaming me?”


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