Symptoms of loneliness: this is how your body suffers

People don’t just like being social, they do got to be it too.

In 2015, scientists conducted an overview study with more than 308,000 people and found that people who had only weak social relationships over a certain period of time had a 50 percent chance of dying – in contrast to those with solid relationships.

To put it even more clearly, being lonely seems as deadly as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

This is particularly worrying given the coronavirus pandemic. According to mental health professionals, the loneliness of the people is currently getting worse and can even be described as an epidemic of its own.

However, it is not always easy to recognize your own loneliness and that of others. Many are also ashamed of being lonely. “People are often afraid to admit that they are lonely because loneliness is stigmatizing – they fear being judged or marginalized,” said Babita Spinelli, a New York psychotherapist. “This in turn prevents them from turning to other people or taking advantage of offers of help to overcome their loneliness.

Here are seven physical symptoms that you are lonely or a loved one.

Your body can respond to loneliness with these 7 symptoms


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