Systemically relevant, but poorly paid: Corona heroes deserve that

They are the heroes of the Corona crisis: people who work in so-called systemically important professions. There are the doctors and nurses who are fighting against Covid-19 in the hospitals. The cashiers in the supermarkets who, behind Plexiglas, ensure that we can still go shopping. The educators, police officers, firefighters, teachers, truck drivers, train drivers or employees in pharmacies – unlike many others, they cannot work from home to protect their health from the virus.

The great applause at the beginning of the pandemic was soon followed by great disillusionment. The hymns of praise have faded away, the conditions under which our Corona everyday heroes work have remained the same. Paradoxically, these turn out to be rather bad for those who keep our system running. Many people in systemically important jobs are underpaid.

Of course, factors such as age, company size and professional experience also play a role here. Specially trained specialists such as intensive care nurses, for example, earn significantly more than their colleagues. However, if you look at the overall salaries, you can see that the pay in systemically important occupations is often well below the national average.

Systemically relevant professions: Corona everyday heroes earn this much


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