SZG: A heart for bees

On World Bee Day, environmentalists warn of large bee deaths – Salzburg Airport is setting an example.

There is a buzzing and buzzing over the airport meadows: last year five beehives were set up at the airport area of ​​Salzburg Airport. There have even been nine since March. “With the settlement of bee colonies, we want to send a signal against the massive bee deaths of recent years,” says the message.

“Last year we were able to taste our airport honey for the first time. Now I’m looking forward to the 2020 harvest! I also did not know that our bees have to fly up to 150,000 times for 1 kg of honey and have to visit about 20 million flowers. In doing so, they cover up to 150,000 flight kilometers. Our business customers travel approximately the same number of flight kilometers when they fly from Salzburg to their business appointments. Or to put it another way – our bees jet around the earth 4 times for 1 kilo of honey, ”says airport manager Bettina Ganghofer.


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