Tablets: Amazon unveils new Fire HD 8 generation

Amazon announces the latest generation of its Fire HD 8 tablets with four new models.

Amazon today introduced the latest generation of its Fire HD 8 tablets. The announcement includes a total of four new models. The first is the Fire HD 8, which according to Amazon offers a 30 percent faster processor and longer battery life compared to its predecessor. The battery should last up to 13 hours without recharging. According to the manufacturer, the case is also thinner and lighter than the previous model.

Pre-order Fire HD 8 tablets from Amazon

The tablet offers an 8-inch HD resolution screen. When purchasing, customers can choose from 32 and 64 gigabytes of internal storage. The storage can also be expanded by up to a terabyte using a microSD card. Functions such as screen readers, screen enlargers, color inversion or subtitles ensure a barrier-free user experience. The Fire HD 8 is available to pre-order today for $114.99.

Plus model with more RAM and wireless charging

Also new is the next generation of the Fire HD 8 Plus. With three gigabytes, it offers more RAM than the HD 8 model, which should be particularly noticeable when multitasking. The Plus model also supports 9-watt charging, wireless charging and offers an integrated 5-megapixel camera. The Fire HD 8 Plus costs from 134.99 euros.

Two new kids tablets

Amazon is also releasing two new models of its tablets designed specifically for kids. The Fire HD 8 Kids is aimed at children between the ages of 3 and 7, while the Fire HD 8 Kids Pro is aimed at school-age children. On board are a kid-friendly case, 2-year worry-free guarantee and a year of Amazon Kids+. Both tablets have extensive and easy-to-use parental controls. The tablet models both cost 159.99 euros and can also be purchased

to be pre-ordered today


Pre-order Fire HD 8 tablets from Amazon

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