Tado: Intelligent heating system cheap on Prime Day

Winter is getting cold, heat is expensive. You can save money with smart thermostats – even now when purchasing them.

There’s no telling how miserable the coming winter will be, but brace yourself for sharply rising prices, especially for oil and gas. So it’s better to lower the temperature by a degree or two and then really switch off the heating and the light when you go to bed. Intelligent thermostats help to save on heating costs, for Prime Day the supplier Tado reduced the price of its solutions to values ​​that were previously only beaten by rare lightning deals.

Tado smart radiator thermostat (pack of 3) for EUR 139.00 instead of EUR 206.30

Tado Smart Home Thermostat (wired) for digital individual room control via app for EUR 89.00 instead of EUR 117.13

Tado starter kit V3+ for underfloor heating with thermostats for two rooms for 179.99 instead of 337.12 euros

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