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Take a look inside a renovated 1930s house in Heemstede

Amber and Tim bought their house in 2013. “We were looking forward to a DIY home. Roll up our sleeves and make the house our own,” says Amber. The house is from 1963 and was 102m² when they bought it. They now have an extension, making the house now 128m² in total.

The bedroom

For the first months Amber and Tim lived with Ambers’ parents. In order to be able to live in their own home as soon as possible, the renovation began with the bedroom.

While renovating the bedroom, the couple soon found out that the electricity was very outdated. “Not only in the bedroom, but in the whole house the electricity had to be replaced, as well as the piping. This was a big job: the ceiling had to be removed everywhere.”

Amber consciously chose to keep the beams in the bedroom. “We decided at the last minute to fit the plaster plates between the beams, so that the beams remain visible. We also replaced the cupboard doors. The current cupboard doors are from a Hungarian mansion. We deliberately chose to rough them up. let. “

The bathroom

What used to be the bedroom in the old house has been transformed into the bathroom. “We immediately knew: the bathroom is much too small. We demolished the old bathroom and made the laundry room there. We converted the bedroom, which was completely covered with cork, into a bathroom.

The bathroom is designed completely lengthways, towards the light. The floor tiles are elongated, both on the floor and in the shower.

The biggest challenge

When everything above was refurbished, the couple started on the ground floor. At the front of the living room was a beautiful, old-fashioned ensuite door, but unfortunately it was just too far forward. “With pain in our hearts, we decided to demolish the door.”

The floors were split into different materials. There was concrete in the kitchen, wood in the living room. Amber: “It was a huge job to get everything right. We had to use a lot of layers of wood.”

Amber continues: “We opted for a herringbone floor with a small herringbone, because it is a narrow space. Large planks can make your room look smaller and we didn’t want that.”

Fun fact: The walls below were insulated with old gym mats. This works very well against noise. “The music can now be loud, without bothering the neighbors.”

The kitchen

The original kitchen was very small, so it has been broken open and a piece has been built on it. The door to the hall also had to believe: it has now been converted into a beautiful niche in the kitchen.

They didn’t have to think long about the style of the kitchen. Amber came across a picture on Pinterest and was immediately sold. “I thought: I must have that kitchen. Beautiful, quiet kitchen with a light top.”

The kitchen worktop is split into two parts. On the one hand a composite blade with sink and on the other side a large cutting board for cutting vegetables. “Super handy: there is a drawer on the side that you can open to immediately slide your waste into a trash can.”


What used to be the shed is now Amber’s office, where she enjoys working. “Especially in this day and age. A comfortable office with custom-made cabinets. Both the cabinets and the desk are made of poplar wood. This creates a calm appearance.”

Would you like to see more of this renovation? Amber and Tim can be followed on Instagram: @amberlovesdesign.


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