Take a look: Sustainable entrepreneurship with Ed Nijpels

Presenter Frederique Dormaar will talk to Ed Nijpels tonight about sustainable entrepreneurship, the changing rules for entrepreneurs and the latest developments around the climate agreement. How are we doing? But above all what can and should we still do?

Joep Hilbink van Essent also joins the studio. He knows exactly what you can do as an entrepreneur to make your company more sustainable and thus make more profit. For the climate, but also for your wallet.

Participants can also ask questions about their own situation to both Nijpels and Hilbink.
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Profit from sustainability

Of course we all want to contribute to a better climate. But especially as an entrepreneur, sustainability is often very profitable. Frederique Dormaar paid a visit to various entrepreneurs who are already working hard to make their company more sustainable to see what the benefits are.

She visited HC’03, the football club where Klaas Jan Huntelaar once took his first steps on the field. They save a lot of money thanks to the use of solar panels and LED lighting. That was a considerable investment, but with the money they now save on their energy bills, they are now investing in their youth academy.

All offices to energy label C.

In order to achieve the climate agreement, new requirements and rules have also been formulated that (future) companies must comply with. For example, all office buildings must have energy label C in the short term. What that means and how you achieve this efficiently, Hilbink knows. As a specialist, he knows the routes to subsidies and schemes and other smart tips to achieve such goals as an entrepreneur.

Nevertheless, the new rules are sometimes experienced as confusing or even unfeasible. Does Nijpels recognize the pain points? And where is there still room? Especially now that entrepreneurs are only at risk of getting worse because of the corona crisis.

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