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Take better photos: tips and products for the best photo

Take better photos - that's how you can do it

Take better photos – that’s how you can do it

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You have already got yourself a good smartphone or a professional camera, but you still don’t want to work with the good photos? There can be many reasons for this: On the one hand, it is crucial to develop an eye for exciting motifs, on the other hand, the composition of the image is crucial. And ultimately, factors such as brightness, the movement of the subject, a steady hand and the right timing also play a major role.

What you can do to take better photos

You are already on the right track, stay tuned – because you can only take better photos if you practice continuously and take photos. For example, you can concentrate on a certain time of day or a recurring subject and learn while taking photos which details are really important in order to achieve your goal. Because if you want too much at once, you can quickly lose track of things.

Tip: If you take photos in RAW format, you can use image processing to fix disturbing light or dark areas on the computer.

You can also experiment with the autofocus for perfect sharpness. In AF-S mode you aim at a certain point with larger cameras and only pull the trigger when you like the composition.

And another tip: keep your fingers off the built-in flash – photos can be seen through the small light source – especially if they are taken in dark rooms – look unprofessional. Prefer to use other light sources or, if necessary, an external flash.

4 products to help you take photos better

1. tripod


Camera tripod with mobile phone holder from K&F – 44.99 euros at Amazon *

For great pictures, a light tripod is indispensable for on the go * – the camera or smartphone can be perfectly aligned on it, so that long-term recordings that are not blurred are possible in dark surroundings.

2. Light reflector


5-in-1 reflector from Neewer – 23.49 euros at Amazon *

If certain areas of your subject do not get enough light, you should help with a reflector instead of turning on the flash. The light disc * can be easily folded up and is therefore with you everywhere.

Tip: The black side can also “swallow” light if your subject is too bright.

3. System camera


EOS M50 system camera from Canon – 788.55 euros at Amazon *

If you are only used to taking photos with your smartphone, it is advisable to switch to a system camera *. It is lighter than a SLR, but offers the same manual adjustment options to allow more freedom for creative photography.

4. Lens


Teleozoom lens EF-M 55-200mm from Canon – 265.99 euros at Amazon *

If you already have a camera body at home, you can also take your photography skills to the next level with a new lens. A good telephoto like the EF-M 55-200mm from Canon * also has an image stabilizer built into it, which reduces shake when taking photos – perfect for sports, travel and nature shots.

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