Tamarin: Cute Adventure from Ex-Rare Developers is now available

Since this week it is Tamarin available for PlayStation 4 and PCs on Steam. So you can experience adventures together with the “cutest monkey in the world”. He himself doesn’t have it so cute at first, because the world of the game is ravaged by environmental pollution and destruction. Of course, it is important to restore the idyll.

Move with the agility of a tamarin during your journey into the northern wilderness, past breathtaking forests, fjords and mountains. On your journey you will hunt mysterious, electric fireflies, explore a secret underground world inhabited by dancing ants, rescue innocent birds and restore the previously idyllic natural habitat of the tamarins.

Tamarin’s project manager is Omar Sawi, who has assembled a team from the heads behind characters such as Diddy Kong, Banjo-Kazooie and Battletoads for his creative vision. Richard Vaucher (Donkey Kong 64) leads the production of all artistic aspects. Character designer Steve Mayles (Banjo-Kazooie) designed some tamarins. Composer David Wise is also on board. Graeme Norgate (Golden Eye 007 and Killer Instinct) provides the sound effects.

“Tamarin celebrates nature on earth and addresses the disaster of its destruction,” says Omar Sawi. “We wanted to deal with this topic in an exciting way, by presenting the player with a fascinating environment to explore and dancing ants as opponents, and by having to protect the species of the tamarins from extinction. So there is a deeper message behind the entertaining gameplay. “

The release trailer for Tamarin

Images: Tamarin, Chameleon Games


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