Tanner Foust manhandles a Volkswagen ID.4 on the track

The Volkswagen ID.4 is a peaceful electric SUV. Except in the hands of Tanner Foust, who does not hesitate to perform tricks on the circuit.

The second member of Volkswagen’s ID family, the ID.4 is an electric SUV that thinks about family first and foremost rather than performance. This is reflected in its reasonable current technical sheet, with a power of 204 hp for 310 Nm of torque. But he has many hidden resources that only a pilot like Tanner Foust can get.

At the wheel of the Volkswagen ID.4 on the desert route of Willow Spring, the American driver made a series of crab-like turns, with the sole suffering of the tires disturbing the local peace of mind. After his unbridled driving sessions, Tanner Foust puts forward the alert front end of the SUV and does not hesitate to compare his driving sensations to those of period Volkswagen, including the Beetle!

A center of gravity at ground level, but the laws of physics ensure

This is the advantage of electric cars with the battery placed closer to the ground, which even allows the center of gravity of high-perched vehicles like the ID.4 to be lowered. However, this is not a sportswoman and some body movements that you can see furtively in this video are there to remind you.

The Volkswagen ID.4 is initially available in the United States with the only rear-wheel drive configuration, as in Europe. Other versions will emerge, including a powerful configuration with two engines and all-wheel drive with an output of 306 hp.


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