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Tara Reid hopes for the sequel American Pie | Entertainment

The 45-year-old actress portrayed Vicky in the first American Pie from 1999, the sequel two years later and American Reunion from 2012. The success of the franchise may have been almost ten years ago, but Reid certainly does not rule out a return of the franchise. “We’ve been talking about it for centuries. We want it all of them please, but we’ll see what happens, ”she told me Closer magazine.

“Many actors were afraid to play in the movies at the time, they thought the humor was going too far,” she recalls. “But in the end it is a movie about awkward teenagers and there was so much love in it. What I like about it is that there was no bullying or mean behavior. Many comedies are just mean these days. ”

The actress also has many more dreams than a sequel American Pie… “I still want to win an Oscar. That is every actor’s dream. I have already fully prepared my speech and practice it in the mirror with a tube of toothpaste as a microphone. I would also love to get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, there is still time for that ”, she concludes.


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