Tariff with a full 40 GB LTE for only 18.99 euros + can be canceled monthly

Do you need a lot of data on the go? This top tariff comes with a whopping 40 GB LTE and is also very cheap at less than 19 euros. You can find all the details about the bargain here.

This cracker offer with

40 GB LTE data volume

with a speed of 225 Mbit/s, an all-network flat rate and the possibility

to cancel monthly

is currently available for

18.99 euros per month

on this special order page from Mobilcom-Debitel. Compared to the original tariff O2 Free M Boost Flex
save almost 50 percent

, because this costs 34.99 euros per month! The

Offer is only available for a short time.

To the tariff offer: 40 GB LTE for only 18.99 euros (cancellable monthly)

These are the tariff conditions:

  • Network: O2 / Telefonica

  • Data volume: 40 GB

    (LTE 225 Mbit/s)

  • Price per month: 18.99 euros

  • Flat rate telephony & SMS

  • Flat EU roaming

  • VoLTE is possible

  • WLAN call possible

  • monthly cancellable

  • 9.99 euros one-time connection fee

This tariff with a high data volume is particularly suitable for smartphone users who surf the web a lot on the go and occasionally watch videos or films on the go via YouTube, Netflix and Co. Because that is also easily possible with 40 GB per month. Per gigabyte you can stream around 4 hours, according to Netflix. The tariff also includes a telephony and SMS flat rate as well as an EU flat rate. The one-off connection price is only 9.99 euros.

To the tariff offer: 40 GB LTE for only 18.99 euros (cancellable monthly)

From the 25th month, the tariff costs 34.99 euros per month. Be sure to keep this in mind if you decide to cancel. Since you can do this monthly, you have a lot of flexibility.

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