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Taste test: these mints have been tested by us as the best | Culinary

Peppermints remind colleagues of grandfather who always has a roll in his pocket. Nice for a fresh breath, although it is not something you eat away after each other.

The main ingredient of peppermint is peppermint oil which is obtained from the peppermint plant. Furthermore, mints contain (a lot of) sugar, gelatin and arabic gum.

The most famous brands are Wilhelmina and KING. The former was marketed in 1892 by the Fortuin firm; a tribute to the then 12-year-old Queen Wilhelmina. KING also has a long history: since 1902.

The brand has nothing to do with the royal family and stands for Quality In Nothing Compared. They were made for decades by the sugar confectionery company Tonnema from Sneek, which also made the famous Rang candies. Owned by the Swedish multinational Cloetta since 2012.

“Peppermint consists largely of sugar”

Colleagues were slightly shocked to discover that pepper point consists of 95 to 99 (!) Percent sugar. “Fortunately, you don’t just eat a roll away,” he said soberly. We went for the regular peppermint, not extra strong.

Besides Wilhelmina and KING, there is English peppermint (from Fortuin, the company behind Wilhelmina) and all supers have their own private label. Only 1st Best from Dirk / Dekamarkt and Nord Fresh from Lidl could compete with the peppermint giants. Because the bite is just right (without breaking your crown), the pastilles do not crumble and the mint flavor lingers. Nevertheless, KING and Wilhelmina left their competitors miles behind.


KING does justice to the abbreviation above. Could it also be a bit of nostalgia? “Doesn’t crumble, not even fat.” “Yummy. This one remains the King. ” € 0.85 per 100 gr


In second place is Wilhelmina peppermint. Whether you like that smooth layer is a matter of taste. “When you chew, you really get a mint kick.” Incidentally, the small mints were much more popular than the large version. € 0.86 per 100 gr


A nice third place for 1st Best of Dirk / Dekamarkt. “These are big units, say.” “Really minty.” “Looks like peppermint pillows.” “Ugly bag, but good taste.” € 0.30 per 100 gr


Nederlands Peppermint from Dokkum DF, the company behind Wilhelmina, is also doing good business. “Fine structure.” “Was afraid that my crown was going to break, but it is not so bad with the hardness.” “The taste is quickly gone.” € 0.28 per 100 gr (bag instead of rolls)


Lidl is at the bottom of the league with NordFresh. “The strongest flavor by far.” “Surprising.” This is due to the menthol that has been added to this variant. But the taste is also not so strong that it belongs in the ‘Extra Strong’ category. Therefore in the top five.

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