Tatjana, Lieke, Georgina: these celebrities once scored Top 40 hits

Tatjana Šimić

We all know Tatjana Šimić from her star role as the female Kees in the series Flodder. The series may have had a somewhat vulgar image, but the diva has not regretted for a second of participating in the hit series. “It has made me a legend”, Tatyana once said in the media.

We doubt whether her music career contributed to this. Yet she did have a few hits. Her first attempt was a cover of ‘Baby Love’, from The Surpremes, but it did not break even. A year later she scored a hit with ‘Chica cubana’. Later the Croatian blonde also released songs like ‘Santa Maria’ and ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off You’ with Gerard Joling. With Geer she even managed to reach the top 10. Her latest song is called ‘Ik Laat Je Gaan’ and was released in 2007. You can see the clip in the video below.

Lieke van Lexmond

Actress and presenter Lieke van Lexmond played in Good times Bad Times at the time when the program was actually producing big stars. As Charlie Fischer, Lieke splashed off the screen on many a Dutch viewing tube for seasons. Her character has not been seen in Meerdijk for years and Lieke presents various programs.

For example, she currently presents The Voice Senior, together with Martijn Krabbé. What many people don’t know about Lieke is that she also released a song in 2008, called ‘Alles Always’. The song was briefly in the Dutch Top 40.

Georgina Verbaan

Georgina Verbaan’s career also started in Meerdijk, on the set of Good times Bad Times. As Hedwig Harmsen she won the charm of the Dutch public. It didn’t take long for Georgina to leave the fictional village. Most recently, the 41-year-old actress has appeared in series like Clip and Dad Day. But she can also be seen frequently in well-known Dutch romantic comedies, for example in Men’s hearts, Hartenstraat and Brasserie Valentijn.

At the beginning of this century, Georgina released a number of songs, including ‘Ritmo’ and ‘Yo Queiro Bailar’, both of which were in the Top 40 for several weeks.

Sylvia Geersen

The whole of the Netherlands hears from Sylvia Geersen for the first time in 2006, when the handsome appearance participates Holland’s Next Top Model, where she eventually comes second. Shortly afterwards Sylvia released the song ‘Give It To Me’. Curious how it sounds? You can listen to it below.

Britt Dekker

In 2010 Britt Dekker was among a whole row of ladies as a participant of the program Take Me Out. One year later she officially conquered the heart of collective Netherlands with her witty statements in Real Girls In The Jungle, where she took off as the winner. Since then, Britt has appeared in many Dutch programs, including frequent talk shows. She is also a permanent panelist in Who of the Three and presents them together with Ron Boszhard Zappsport.

But right after her gain from Real Girls In The Jungle Britt released her first song. In 2011 ‘F * cking vet !!!’ was released, a song full of legendary quotes from the blonde. You can hear it below.

Katja Schuurman

Katja Schuurman broke through as Jessica Harmsen in the last century Good times Bad Times. Her time in Meerdijk has been anything but profitable for Katja. She is now an indispensable part of the Dutch showbiz world. Katja acted in countless Dutch films and series and also presented a lot of programs.

She also had a surprising number of hits over the years. For example, in 1997 she released the song ‘Wereldmeid’ and in 2005 the song ‘Ho Ho Ho’, together with De Jeugd van Today. She also sang in English: for the Costa!soundtrack she recorded ‘Lover or Friend’. But of course we all know her from the song ‘Breathlessness’, which she sang together with Babette van Veen and Guusje Nederhorst as Linda, Roos and Jessica. Come on, you can hear it one more time below.

Michiel Huisman

Michiel Huisman can now certainly be called a world star. He has been starring in series like The Haunting of Hill House and Harley and the Davidsons. He also played roles in Game of Thrones and Orphan Black.

Years earlier, Michiel played in the band Fontane. He also released an album solo in 2005, called ‘Luchtige Verhalen’. Below you can hear one of the tracks on that album: ‘Deel Van Mij’.


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